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Regarding Ui Path,
I am currently stuck with a project which I worked on most of it but stuck in specific point related to the sorting and moving files to its related file name destinations as mentioned in the requirements.

Upon checking the instructions; the unclear point is from 5 as I am done with the first 4 steps and reflected them in the workflow.

The instructions are as follows;

Project Steps:

  1. Program a Robot to start the automation by opening this Github Repo with a web browser.
  2. Program a Robot to click on the download button and download the zip file in the Downloads directory.
  3. Program a Robot to move the downloaded zip from the Downloads directory to the Project directory.
  4. Program a Robot to unzip the downloaded file that you have recently moved to the project directory.
  5. Program a Robot to sort the files into the desired folder depending upon the name of the file:
  • If the file name follows the format of “ CustomerName_Report_DDMMYYYY.xlsx/.pdf ” sort this into a folder based on the year ( YYYY ). For example, for a file named “ JaneDoe_Report_28102019.pdf ”:
    • if there is no folder named " 2019 " create one and move the file to the new folder
    • if there is already a folder named " 2019 ", move the file to the existing folder.
  • If any of the file(s) is/are not in the “ CustomerName_Report_DDMMYYYY.xlsx/.pdf ” format then program a Robot to create a new folder with today’s date (format MMDDYYYY ) and move them there.
  1. Repeat Step 5 for all the remaining files present.
  2. Program the Robot to successfully end the automation if all the files are sorted.
  3. Create a recording of a walkthrough of your automation following the **Video Walkthrough Guidelines

Many thanks in advance and hoping for support.

@Mohamed_Hassan - Please check this post…i guess this is exactly the same…

It’s the same question; but I am still stuck and some details in the solution are not clear for me
can you simplify them for me please; As I understand the concept well but cannot reflect it in the workflow ! That’s all @prasath17

Many thanks in advance

As I am a newly member since less than 3 weeks, this is my first project using Ui Path that’s why the application is far more advanced with regard to what was explained in the text and videos. I appreciate your support on the topic.

@Mohamed_Hassan - Please find the starter help here… (286.6 KB)

if you run this workflow as is, you will see files moved to 2019 2020 and 2021 folders. And 2 files with unmatched format moved to today’s folder.

Hope this helps…

I am now trying to introduce this part to my workflow as I proceeded till step 4 as mentioned before and the missing part for me is step 5 “The sorting” through the “if activity”. This is the part that I am stuck with !

@Mohamed_Hassan - actually there is no sorting needed. Basically it will look through each file and check for the pattern if matched then extract the year from the file name and then move it to the pertinent folder.

@prasath17 Unfortunately, It’s still not clear for me as I am not able to tailor it to my workflow ! I don’t understand the function of Regex as it’s not explained yet ! It’s much advanced project than my current stage in the introduction of the RPA program ! a relatively large portion is not explained and introduced to the project which lead to this gap for me !!

Please advise what can be done

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