📢 Announcing UiPath HyperHack - #AutomationForGood Winners!

:drum::tada: And here we are, as every great contest reaps glory on its finish line!

We embarked on this grand journey with over 350 participants on board for the 2021 UiPath HyperHack – Automation For Good!

After kicking off this event in mid-April, with 10 finalists presenting in a live pitching round on June 2nd, now we’ve reached the much-awaited moment of the winners’ announcement!

2 phases and an impressive judging round later, our ‘best for good’ developers have been announced just minutes ago within UiPath DevCon. Check your mobiles, open your channels and let the cheering :clap::clap: begin!! :clap::clap:

In case you missed any of the milestones along the way, here is a surely incomplete map of everything that #AutomationForGood summed up to be:

:globe_with_meridians: We challenged our global community to build out a project around one of four specific areas that make an impact on today’s world: Healthcare & Well-Being, NGOs & Public Sector, Accessibility and Education

:mega: We’ve gathered an impressive 350+ participants, from 38 countries, employing 12+ UiPath products

:woman_superhero: Women made up over 30% of hackathon participants, and one of the finalist teams represented a group of three women that upskilled themselves through Her Second Innings - a platform that empowers women to become financially independent, emotionally strong, and socially empowered.

:hourglass_flowing_sand: We invited 10 finalist teams to join the live pitching round in front of a jury composed out of 3 subject matter experts and an experienced NGO ambassador:

  • Satyarth Pandey (Head of Digital Transformation @Novozymes),
  • Sunil Tahilramani (Director of AI Product Marketing @UiPath),
  • Shashank Shrivastava (Director of Engineering @UiPath),

all together calibrated for good by our honourable Raluca Negulescu-Balaci, Executive Director of the UiPath Foundation.

:weight_lifting_woman::weight_lifting_man: HyperHack finalists engaged with and built solutions to support non-profit organizations globally, including organizations like:

:face_with_monocle: Following the intense pitching rounds, our grand jury members have decided:

:drum: :drum: :boom: :tada: :tada:

:medal_sports: 1st place Winners - Team RAYS

Members – Shrippad Mhaddalkar & Ishmeet Bindra (@Ishmeet_Bindra) !!!

This solution enables people with multi-sensory loss, i.e. deafness or blindness, to access news and search engines, consume online content, and convert music XML to Braille. Team RAYS impressed the jury members with their idea, the impact of their solution, and the execution of the automation and the integrated Python script. With the help of team RAYS solution, youngsters challenged by their loss will be able to enjoy technology like any other.

:2nd_place_medal: 2nd place Winners: Team BOTWARRIORS Pune

Members @Neeraj_Keswani, Akanksha Patil & Tarun Bhushan

The BotWarriors Pune team built a DonAid chatbot that guides volunteers and donors through the process of identifying, selecting, and ultimately supporting an NGO. DonAid, the solution presented, was built as a one-stop shop that enables citizens across the world to donate, visit NGOs, and make the whole journey in serving the community easier. With the use of UiPath Studio, Orchestrator, chatbots, and social media integrations, the donor gets a transparent view of available NGOs that are connected to a cause, can check organization credibility, and even book a visit with the NGO.

:3rd_place_medal: 3rd place Winners - Team KRIEGERS

Members – @Anmol_Yadav , Nithin Krishna & @Gayathri_Ramanathan

Team Kriegers developed a solution that taps into social networks to address some of the pain points of the COVID-19 pandemic. Leveraging their solution, people who have COVID-19 can find out about available resources such as hospital beds, oxygen tanks or plasma. The solution, using UiPath Studio, Orchestrator, AI Center, Action Center, Data Services with integration of Google NLP, Twitter & Twillo, can also provide notification about vacant vaccination slots for the upcoming week via WhatsApp or email.

A high five :wave: and a sincere bow to all our hackathon participants out there. Each year you make this more beautiful and harder for us, and we all win in the end. We plan on continuously supporting your growth and acceleration through all our community platforms and keep you close for years and contests to come!

Our shiny new winners will get their cash prizes :moneybag: and social media spotlight, plus rounds of feedback and Q&As from our very curious and inquisitive staff :blush: No worries, it’s all meant to pave that glory road!

You still want, yearn, burn to become a hack winner? Take a pick and join one of our active or next challenges :point_down::point_down::point_down:

HACK-A-TOON IN with us @community.uipath.com and keep on playing along the RPA Ivy League!

UiPath Community Team


Congratulations Everyone :clap:

Can we have videos uploaded to show a glimpse of workflows the winning teams created?


Congratulations Everyone!!!

Welcome to UiPath community @kuldipsinh.gohil !!

Hi there :slight_smile: we want to follow-up with vides, blog posts and use cases where it fits, for you all to get a glimpse in what was shared in the pitching session in front of the jury. Stay tuned for that!

Thank you for asking - in the meantime you can check previous solutions that were shard as blog posts. One examplee here: Creating Finance Chatbot - UiPath HyperHack | UiPath

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