📢 Announcing the Winners of UiPath HyperHack - Hunt for Best CoEs

What an experience! We are amazed at the results gained in the UiPath HyperHack : Hunt for Best center of excellence (CoEs). Thank you all for your involvement. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

This exclusive hackathon targeted shared service/capability center in India for global enterprises to come forward and claim the title of Best CoE team by winning the UiPath Community HyperHack.

CoEs were challenged to use at least four of the UiPath products in the project: Process Mining, Task Mining, Test Automation, Automation Hub, AI Center, Apps, Data Service, Document Understanding, UiPath Native Integrations;

:loudspeaker: :loudspeaker: :loudspeaker: On this journey, brilliant minds gathered to embrace end-to-end automation to solve real, impactful business challenges using UiPath 2021.4 release enterprise trial. In numbers we achieved 22 unique customers joining, 100 registrations, 16+ projects developed with passion, 8 finalists to present their solutions and 3 winners to prize.

It is truly impressive what experts have come together. From solution architects to technical leads, developers and business analysts. The 8 finalist CoEs teams showcased their innovative solutions in front of the jury. The UiPath mentors were there to guide, curate, and assess submissions.

Now let’s look at the winning solutions. :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:

Project Brief: Did you know that pointless emails are not just annoying, but they also have a massive carbon footprint? Every email processed or stored on a server uses electricity that implies consumption of coal, oil and gas. This leads to large amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which in turn causes climate change.

:robot:The ROBOEnablers came up with a brilliant idea that concerns us all. Using technology and automation to quantify the amount of carbon footprint emitted by types of emails and act to neutralize it. Their solution, ‘UI Green App’, designed with passion, has a purpose-led strategy to tackle climate change and makes us all think for a better future. It helps to spread awareness, proactively suggest options, and positively influence internet behaviors. Imagine how this app would use stable, futuristic UiPath AI-Centre, Apps and Data Service technology to make this solution sustainable and robust.

Project Brief: Can you imagine a personal digital assistant driving more role-based automation that allows employees to focus on higher–value work? ‘Sparky’ is here to focus on automating the mundane tasks.

:robot:Team Sparky looks at automation with a different mindset and helps us see how their solution can drive more role-based automation to provide job enrichment and digital fluency to employees. The aim of the solution is to build and scale the automation landscape while enabling digital transformation.

Using UiPath Automation Hub, Task Capture, AI center, Apps and Data Service, the opportunities are endless. From building a foundation for developing new digital skills to improving employee morale by taking away the need to carry out repetitive tasks.

Project Brief:

’Smart home automation’ is pushing the boundaries of automation with a solution common in each household. A bot as a service to answer the need for daily groceries and medicines at the best prices to save time and money. A true solution driven by design thinking to ease the decision process.

:robot:Team Galactics using UiPath Document Understanding, native integration, text classification ML model, receipts ML model and Automation Cloud to stand out for the future customer. It brings in a bot into every home with a immaculate process order, intelligent order management, and flexibility of choice.

Now take a moment to look further.

We appreciate all the joiners and the 8 finalist teams will get UiPath branded perks. :tshirt:

Great thanks to all the winners for their excellence in automation. We prize success and the amazing winners will receive their well-deserved rewards, social media exposure and connections inside the UiPath ecosystem. :unicorn: :unicorn: :unicorn:

Together in the spotlight for your ideas to shape the future world at work. The community team appreciates you all for your contribution to our society. :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

Let’s accelerate all journeys inside the Community! Stay tuned for our 2021 hackathon agenda here. :sparkler: :sparkler: :sparkler:

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UiPath Community Team