Andriod app automation on PC

I’m searching if there is any software in Uipath that could be used for automation on android phones on computer PC, my project is on mobile internet banking, purely mobile app.I want to automate this mobile app using uipath RPA.

Is it possible to automate the mobile app using uipath RPA.



As of now, we can’t automate mobile apps using Uipath studio.

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Is there any alternative solution, i can run andriod app on my windows PC, so that i can automate the application on PC?


Hi @rag

I hope we can automate certain android app using uipath
and you have the answer in your question itself buddy

Yes of course, if we are able to stream the android app in our PC, like how we connect whatsapp to our PC with WEB CONNECT option, like wise for android apps which can streamed to a system CAN BE AUTOMATED WITH UIPATH
And we have even a component in our uipath go, see

So if your mobile internet banking app could be streamed to your system to your PC its absolutely possible with uipath buddy

Hope this would help you buddy
Cheers @rag


Thank you , This is really helpful

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Cheers @rag

By Using Mobile Automation In latest Version of Uipath .You Can Automate Mobile By Connecting Real Mobile Device to Uipath .

I’m really glad that I can find this information here!

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