Anchor tag how to find element dynamic

Hi All,

I am finding order id then select it and click resume process button but find order id is dynamic how to mention that in find element. Any leads would be greatly appreciated thanks


is there any input you are passing for finding the order id,

if so you can make it dynamic

Yes it is in for each row currentitem how to make it for dynamic for find element

Please select one of the resume processes using UiExplorer and check the selector. Copy it to a notepad. Then, select the other one, copy its selector to another notepad. Next, compare the two selectors to identify any differences, and try to avoid those differences. Also, ensure that the value you are passing is present in the selector. To make the selector dynamic, you can pass the value using a variable like this: Value = row("name").ToString . This way, you can create a dynamic selector based on the value from your data.

Please refer the below screen capture.

@Sathish_Ashokan Still you are not understand please share the acor selector for different resumes so I can give the correct solution.

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