Anchor Base Selectors are not supported in selector Editor

Hi ,
Can Any one please help on below issue.
I am trying to read data from PDF file for that I am using Anchor base activity.

I am getting below issue ‘Anchor Base Selectors are not supported in selector Editor’ how can I resolve it?

Hi @prasanna.Ui

Did you try indicating image? It should open like this


I am not sure if dynamic selectors are valid for Anchor Base, because expression editor is used for them only

Can you share a workflow?


Hi @prasanna.Ui

This is an expected behaviour. It comes from the fact that the Anchor Base doesn’t need a full selector to do it’s job. It is supposed to find your image on the left and then match the element signified by the last bit of the selector that is chosen automatically here.

So this video is for a different version of UIPath? If so, what version, or add-on, do I need to replicate the steps in the video?

This video is indeed a bit old. I would suggest you to check out the Foundation training on the Academy for the newest example.

Hi @loginerror, Can you tell how to resolve this. Same error I am getting while using get text activity in anchor based activity.

Thank you. I will definitely check out that training.

It is not really an error but rather the expected behavior.