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I wanted to loop through all the tabs in my chrome browser and save the tab content in pdf format, however I was able to save only the first tab and studio through an error and fails to identify an element on the page

Hi @Siva239, can you elaborate your usecase?

Hi, thanks for taking time to reply.
I have few open tabs in my browser, and I want to save each page as pdf.
I tried to use control+tab and control+L shortcut combo to navigate across the tabs and then wanted to use control+P to save them as pdf, however for some reason I’m not able to use the sendhotkey activity to achieve any of those.
As an alternative I tried to use clickimage activity (click 3 dots on top right corner in chrome and click again on print) to save each page, it works however I’m not able to move past the first page.

Hi @Siva239 can u close that tab after exporting it as pdf?
try this way so in this way u can able to navigate to next pag as well

Yes, I did try that, however it fails to identify the 3 dots image after the first run, and the subsequent process stops

Hi @Siva239, i tried this way and it worked,
check this workflow,
please note: i worked with google chrome (1.2 MB)

Check and let me know if it works

Nived N
Happy Automation

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Hi, for some reason it is not saving the pdf properly.
However I got to know where I had gone wrong, it is with the selector attribute selection.
Thanks a ton!

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I think there is some issue with selectors , in my system it works fine i tested with many tabs

Hi Nived,

Can you look at the attached use-case, for some reason my sendhotkey selector is always going wrong.
In this I’m trying to batch download youtube playlist, I took your channel and gave one of its playlist hardcoded too.
Well you will know once you see the sequence.
Apart from that I have one more query related to informative screenshot, what role does it play? If you have answers for these please let me know.

Siva (5.73 KB)

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