Anchor Base is working inconsistently

Hi Uipathians,

I have a workflow in which am:

  1. searching for users in one webpage(the number of searched users can vary daily depending on how many users signed up),
  2. then looping through the searched users one by one and putting their email id in another web page’s search box(to fetch users’ details). The search box auto populates the results in a table below - as displayed in the below screenshot.

Problem area: I have to click on the name of the user in the search results to open up its details page.
I was using Anchor base(Thanks @Vinutha) and everything was working perfectly till yesterday.
Suddenly it stopped working consistently and now its not working at all,ie, it has stopped recognizing the name field which it was able to seamlessly earlier.
(I seriously don’t remember if I even touched the workflow that it got broken here)


Any suggestion why it is happening suddenly?

PS: I have retried almost 100 times repairing the anchor, deleted the broken one and added a new one, and almost all sorts of such combinations but nothing is working out.

Suggestions/help is very highly appreciated.

Can you post the selector of your anchor element?

Its the following - Using the top ‘Name’ column name as the anchor:



The anchor position that is set currently is ‘TOP’.
Interestingly, its working better and correctly when randomly I tried to change the Anchor position
(clicks on the correct link when the Anchor position is changed)

Check for the consistency again with the changes you have made, if you face the same issues again you can try to use some other activity as a workaround for the anchor tag…

In my today’s run, it ran correctly for 3 out of 5 runs.
Yesterday it was not even 5 out of the 20-30 runs.
Definitely looking for an alternate solution.
Suggestions for the same?

Is the aaname changing? The aaname should be a reliable selector. For the find element activity in anchor, rescrape the name and in the selector keep only aaname (as it seems to be the only one label with that name), and remove other attributes. keep the anchor position auto and retry.

You mean to say to limit the selector to just:
webctrl aaname=‘Name’
Let me know if I did not understood you correctly!