Anchor Base - Get Text


I am trying to use the anchor base function to extract a purchase order number from an invoice. I’ve used the purchase order text field as an anchor via find image and I want to extract the purchase order number field which is to the right. I tried to use the get text function to do and populate a message box with the purchase order number as per the following video:

I’ve attached my project. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

JeffGetTextAnchorBase.xaml (29.8 KB)


I have tried both Anchor base and Scrape Relative to get the output, but in either case we are not able to retrieve the data.

Can you use Regular Expressions, to retrieve the data.


Using Anchor base and using get text, the output is empty or incorrect output, we can use relative scraping and for relative scraping we get the same sequence, find image and get visible text or get full text, remove this activity (get visible text or get full text) and use get OCR text activity and modify the scale property to get the exact value.

I have attached the workflow.

Test.Bs.xaml (21.6 KB)