Anchor base find element and get text lumps text together

Hi, I’m trying to extract text out of a bunch of certificate pdf but ui path keeps lumping text together, i got no fixed element to find my text and my text keeps getting lumped when extracted, anybody knows how to split those text up into informations that I would like to extract?

@jinglim_5 Welcome to UiPath Community. Can you provide a example how the text look like after extraction?


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It’s difficult to say without having some sample text

if you can provide so that we can check


So sorry for the late reply, I’ll send a sample text over after running and also the sequence !


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Here you can try with Document understanding with intelligent form extractor or ML extractor

Have a view on this for how to use document understanding

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Thank you! I actually got two instances

This is what I used when I used the read PDF packages, and if I would like to write a specific line item let’s say the last two line Into Two different cell in Excel how do I do it?

Another instances is that I would like to extract information 1 2 and 3 however 3 is part of a string of text, how do I split it?