Anchor base doesn't work when monitor is switched off for a scheduled job

Dear all,

My program is supposed to scrape the “epoch timestamp” from the following page:

I use the text “Epoch timestamp” as the anchor, and the anchor position is set as Left.

When my monitor (TV via HDMI) is switched on, the scheduled program runs flawlessly, returning the text next to “Epoch Timestamp”, after which I clean up by string manipulation to obtain the epoch timestamp.

However, when the schedule is run with the TV switched off, the text obtained is “milliseconds:”, which is below the anchor.

Has anyone come across this issue before? Are there any workarounds?


It doesn’t matter whether the monitor (only screen) is turned on or off. The background processes runs without any issues.

If you are unplugging the monitor then it will cause an issue because of the dimensions will change.

@KarthikByggari Some HDMI TVs will appear disconnected when they are off, my main TV does this. This leads to the error that @tkargee is describing.

@tkargee you may need to manually try a few different scrape offsets so that when the tv is off the process works as expected.

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