"Analytics Data" for Failed transactions


When we automate processes, we always make sure that finished transactions are tagged with two Output/Analytics data points, namely “Outcome” and “Drivers” (for process/root cause analysis). For some reason, you cannot set Output/Analytics data when the transaction is marked as “Failed”, which seems very counter intuitive. We want to be able to analyze the BRE/AE transactions in the very same way that we analyze our successful transactions. Is there any reason why this is not a possibility?

Side note: Yes, we are aware of the Details/Reason fields, but:

  1. These fields are two singular String fields, whereas the Output/Analytics fields are dictionaries/json objects. So the Details/Reason fields are less dynamic, and have to be handled differently whenever setting up dashboards and analyzing the data
  2. If we want to combine the insights from Successful and Failed transactions, we have to create a new calculated column, which feels unnecessary


Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.