An internal error has occurred. It is recommended to restart UiPath Studio

I am getting this error every time I select an activity on an existing RPA that I’m working on. I know that the RPA was created in an older version, but what is the fix for this?

When I first opened the RPA it asked if I wanted to upgrade it, I selected yes and that’s it.

Restarted UiPath doesn’t change the error.

I can edit and work with the process, after I click okay to the error, but it’s just annoying.

Is there a way to fix this so that I don’t have to keep going through this?

This is version 2018.3.3 Studio. It is on a clients server and is not connected to a bot or orchestrator. Just used for development purposes.

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Hi @tayloj04

Would updating all of the packages to the latest versions help resolve the issue? Please report back :slight_smile:

I came across this issue. I was able to resolve this issue.
I remember I had renamed the Bot name. I also believe after this change I was not able to get access to studio.

I opened the .json file. Checked for the name attribute. It was the outdated name. So , I updated the name attribute to the latest one. In this I was able to solve this issue.

The version for me was 2018.3.1


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