An input for tagging contents for writeline & log

We know that UIpath studio logs a lot of info when running. and many of the developers use write line as an option to check whether correct variable loaded or file processed etc. Due to huge number of log created, it is very difficult to search. so if we add a field called ‘TAG’ as input for write line, and that is automatically appended before the content provided by user, it will help developers to easily filter relevant content by searching using the tag.

for example if developer fill tag ‘Invoice’. the writline says ’ ur_invoice.tostring’ loaded successfully.
write line will automatically write 'Inovice : 12345 loaded successfully.
so by searching the tag ‘invoice’ in the panel, he get info related only to invoices from write lines tagged under invoices.

if user add another tag ‘Merge’. and use this for search it it should write ‘Merge : vendor 345 merging failed’

Please suggest your thoughts - it is a simple update to current write line activity

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.