An exception has occurred: Cannot create unknown type '{}WithFtpSession'

Error keeps happening. I have updated packages in the environment as well as orchestrator, deleted the project.json and recreated and republished. Would appreciate some help as this process should already be live :frowning:

Verify if you have FTP package in project deppendencies.


I do indeed.

I was dealing with this type of error today and it was caused by missing Dependency.

You may try execute “Analyze project”.


Thank you J0ska! I have tried this and no validation errors come up. :frowning: I am really stumped haha!

Is the FTP package available on the robot?

It has been installed in: D:\Users***.nuget\packages as well as on Orchestrator. I have installed all available versions incase this has helped. I might start removing versions and try them one at a time.

I have the same problem! Did you get any solution?