An error occurs and the FilteredDT is showing empty

i have filtered a dt with conditions ising fileterd datatable but error occurs and the FilteredDT is showing empty.

attaching the screenshot it contains the condition filtered and the error at the left side


May I know what error are you getting ?

Things to check:

  • Does the DT contain data
  • Is the column name correct

Helpfull tip: use the activity output datatable i.c.w. a writeline of its reults to check the contents. (more accessible in my experience then the runtime checks in case of DT’s)

Further observation: change your operator from ‘Or’ to ‘And’.

The way I read it, regardless of the value in the column, one of the expressions is always true, therefor the entire filter condition is always true, and with the option ‘keep’ you are effectively keeping everything by default.

thankyou @Jeroen_van_Loon i have solved this.
but i have another doubt and stuck in this scenario i want to click the patient name one by one and go to the page and extract details but how to click the patient name one by one

Hi @Sree_Krishnan_vellinezhi ,

You could first Use Data Scraping/Table Extraction to extract the Table.

If the Data Scraping is a Success and all the required Data is Extracted, we can use a For Each Row Loop to loop through the name values one by one.

We can create a string variable to hold the Name value present in the table using an Assign Activity

name = CurrentRow("Name").ToString

Next, We Check the Selector of the first row Name Element using a Click Activity. We should be able to find an Attribute that contains the name in it.

Next, we replace the value in the Attribute with the variable created name. Usually the attribute would be the aaname. So the Selector have the modified aaname in the below way :


The above Steps should be able to help you achieve the Clicking on each row’s name value.

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