An error has occured #500

I get error while logging to orchestrator. I tried the following steps for resolving the issue but nothing helps.

  1. I am able to telnet SQL server port from Orchestrator server.
  2. SQL database credentials seems to good. I cross check logging through SQL management studio.
  3. Enabled httperrors tag in web config to detailed.

    But this also does’t give any information.
  4. Checked Application eventlogs and found no errors or warning message regarding to Orchestrator.

Can anybody help in resolving the issue.

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Hi @vinothvs,

Can you open the console (F12) -> network tab and see what API call returns the error?
Also, please provide more details: Orchestrator version, is it community, is the error displayed as a pop up or is it displayed with red on top of the page?


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