An Approach for web automation

Hi Team,

I have an web app with I want to automate and while logging I receive the a code on user’s email id
so I want some approach of how I can automate this

Note :There should not be any delay while downloading reports it should be done in fraction of milliseconds

Thanks and Regards,
Supriya Yenaganti

Hi @supu123 ,

To get the code from the user’s mail use the Get IMAP Mail Messages activity with Mail filtering property. Then use Regex to get the code

To Get the downloaded files from the web portal use Wait for Download activity



How will I get the mails from user machine
Get mail message activity will work?
How will bot get access to that machine

Hi @supu123 ,

If It is Gmail, User need to turn on IMAP service in the settings
and Then under “Manage your Google account” >>security need to turn on the Less secure App.

After these prerequisites, In the Get IMAP mail message activity fill the properties panel accordingly. You will get the List of Mail messages from user mail


Its not a Gmail it is a webmail

Please look into it if possible