Americas RPA Challenge - 1/19/2022

Hey everyone!

This post is specific to the individuals who attended the “RPA 101” session on 1/19/2022 to post their completion of the “Introduction to RPA and Automation” coursework on Academy. Feel free to comment here with any questions or concerns as you complete the coursework.



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Hi KJ and Diana,

The session was great.
Thank you.

Here is the link for my certification on completion of the Introduction to RPA and Automation:

Hello @kj.fenton
This is my diploma of completion of the course.
Once again, thank you the session, it was very helpful and enlightening.

Hi KJ & Diana,
Thanks for great session. Here is my diploma.

About the membership program. Is it the MVP?
Where can I find more information about it?

Many thanks

Hi @Graciele.Azeredo
If you need info about MVP, check this two links UiPath Community MVP for 2022 or this one UiPath MVP.
Hope it help!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the presentation.
KJ is very enthusiastic when talking about the subject.

Here’s my certificate:


Hi KJ and Diana,

Thanks for the wonderful session and motivating all of us to learn further on RPA and Automation. I completed my ‘Introduction to RPA and Automation’ course and got the Diploma of Completion.

Being a new user I’m not allowed to upload any attachments to the forum, hence I’m giving the link to the certificate here:


Feeling glad to be part of UiPath Forum.
Suresh Patra