Ambiguous errors in event log

We have a process that automates updating form definitions and changes many settings in the forms. Seemingly at random (anywhere in the process, and after 1 hour, 2 hours, or even 15 minutes), the job will end with a message like:

Job completed with status Error, fcf6f727-80ee-4360-bdc5-605bccc76ada
Job completed with status Error, a9bf9a55-757b-41ac-8183-72fb880f282a
Job completed with status Error, 328b2f1b-8a84-4937-a117-d9f403e85079

Can you point us in a direction for finding more information about what is causing the failure?

so is the automation running as expected? and just erroring out at the end?

I’d suggest putting some monitoring in between steps so you can see whats happening with the automation until you fix the errors.

load data from excel
// log: data loaded from excel
put details into form
// log: each detail placed into form

This way you’ll be able to see where your automation falls over.

If you have some sort of global exception handler over your automation you could even get it to email the error as soon as it encounters using exception.source and exception.tostring. This will help you pinpoint what is happening.

Thanks for getting back to me. It runs and will go thru many forms making the changes and then fail. Simply restarting the process will continue where it left off and edit that same form successfully and move on.

There does not seem to be any specific task it is failing on, nor any time period. It can run for 2 hours and then stop, or 15 minutes, or an hour.

Are these GUID references in the event log pointing to a file with information about the failure? And if so, where are the files stored?

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Are you using orchestrator?

If so, take a look here for more information as to where your logs are stored:

If you’re not using orchestrator (even if you are) your logs may be stored in this location: