Am newbie i take Generate Yearly Report fail

I did this exercise, the result is

I don’t understand what’s wrong. Even though I didn’t mess with this file at all.
And i see orchestrator

why status in progress it should be success
I don’t know what’s wrong

you have added in_Config(somekey) where the key is not available in the config…please check the properties for set transaction status and add the key to the config file


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Could you check the Config excel file Data\Config.xlsx Some value is missing in the file.

Can you share the screenshot of the properties panel?


frist i cant use in in_Config(“OrchestratorQueueName”).ToString for call InHouse_Process4 on orchestrator So I use this method

on file

the issue is with set transaction status activity. Please check that

which part? on excel or on file uipath i dont know

As per the screenshot …go to settransactionstatus.xaml and in the success flow you have set transaction status activity…Can you show the properties for that


Are you working on Generate_Yearly_Report_2022_Dispatcher or Performer

For Your Reference (1.8 MB)


Can you remove whatever you have specified in the folder path and try running the wf once more

yyyyyyyyyyyyy i remove it. it work and on orchetrator status success ohh thx

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