Am am unable to delete directory because of pdf is using by some other resources

I am unable to delete directory in which pdf file exist. That pdf file is using some other process and that process already closed.
so how can i kill remove pdf from that process and then delete directory.

Try to use the “Kill Process” Activity and select the PDF process (you can find the name of the process within the windows task manager).

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Hello @pankajs3,

You should close the PDF process properly by hit the exit button.

If it was not worked, then try ‘Kill Process’ activity with property of ‘process name’ as Acrobat.exe or Acrord32.exe.

Michael Udhaya

Hi @pankajs3
Adding to @Michael_Udhaya point, may be a small correction
kindly mention only the process name without extension like “Acrobat” or “Acrord32” in the property PROCESSNAME in Kill process activity
and you can check the correct name of your application from task manager
–this would kill the process and let you delete the directory in which the file exists and to delete the directory we can use activity Delete activity

Try this and let know buddy
Cheers @pankajs3