Always remove DataTable rows with the same name

Hi everybody,

is there a way to remove rows in a datatable at once? (Highlighted in yellow) The rows always have the same cell notation:

  • "Vormontage: Bandmotoren,
  • Vormontage: Gestell + A-Box GLM-Ievo
  • Vormontage: Halter Bottom + Eti Bottom
  • Inbetriebnahme: GLM-Ievo
    So, if the cells exist they should be removed from the data table.

Additionally, the column “Dauer der Bearbeitung” has to be sumed up.

Do I need to save the Datatable in Excel? The Datatable is extracted from SAP and if it’s possible I don’t want to save it in Excel.
2021-12-02 14_50_55-Mappe1 - Excel

Thanks a lot for helping!

Hi @Agnetha

Try with filter datatable by giving

“Vormontage:*” as your value


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Try as below for the removing rows which has the notations you listed


You can add as many notations according to your use case

make sure that Remove rows are selected


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For sum all values check below post

Hope this will help you


Hi ,

For your requirement invoke code is the best solution. We can write code to filter the rows with the specific word and delete them at a single shot.

Atlast we can use write cell activity to insert sum formula to sum the values.

In the above case no need to insert data table into Excel. Datatable concept will not come into picture. Thanks.

Hi all,
thanks to all of you for the input :slight_smile: Removing the rows by filtering worked perfectly!

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Glad, My inputs helped you
Happy Automation


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