Alternatives to select item & type into activities

Hi everyone,

I have a slight predicament over here. I have a ui component whose makeup looks like the below,

 <html app='chrome.exe' title='* | *' />
 <webctrl tag='DIV' class='mat-select-value ng-tns-c141-115' parentclass='mat-select-trigger ng-tns-c141-115' />

I am unable to use the select item activity because the control does not support it,


The type into activty does not throw any errors but does not seem to select the desired value as well. The control does not respond to typing. However, the control responds to mouse click and scrolling to select the desired value.

What are the other options I have ? The value in the dropdown is mandatory and cannot be skipped.

Thank you


Use two Click activities.

  1. First Click activity to click on Drop down.

  2. Second Click activity to select item from the drop down list. You need to make the selector dynamic by passing variable into the selector. Check which attribute holds the selected value and pass variable there.

Eg. If aaname holds the value then it should be like this.


Hi @ayub_z,

in the past I had the same problem and activity set text solved my problem. Maybe you can try it :).

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