Alternately write cell A and C in excel


How would I alternately write my datatable content to an excel sheet, for example;

Read range in Excel file A and store in DT
For each Row of DT
Write content from file A row 1 to file B cell A1
Write content from file A row 2 to file B cell C1
Write content from file A row 3 to file B cell A2
Write content from file A row 4 to file B cell C2

Thanks in advance for the help.


So you would need to read the spreadsheet A into a datatable which it looks like you already have,

You would then use a for each row of dtA, you could then use an if statement and integers to specify column and row with a write cell.

If integer is even number write to column A else write to column C

Now for the row number. This can be achieved again by incrementing the excel Row integer omly when you update Column C in the else