Alternate to Element Exists property?

I have a scenario where I have to download some excel files from a website.
After clicking the downloaded button I have added a delay of 15 seconds so the (Save as dialogue appears)

And for that, I have added “Element exists” activity

But in some cases, it takes even greater than 15 seconds and sometimes only 2 Seconds for “Save as dialogue” to appear

Is there any other way to deal with this scenario so I don’t have to wait for 15 seconds if the save-as dialogue appears earlier and the other way around


Hi @Sami_Rajput ,

I believe we could adjust the Timeout Property of the Element Exists Activity to a Maximum value that you have encountered when Save As Dialogue appears. If the element appears fast, it should be able to detect it at that time or else it will wait for the Dialogue box to appear within the Timeout value specified.

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Hi @Sami_Rajput

You can also use OnElementAppear. But I think Just set the timeout property to 1 min or so. It can work as well.

Loveleet Saini

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Hi @Sami_Rajput ,

The Check App State (Modern Activity) works quite well in scenarios like these.
It allows you to wait for an element to either appear or disappear:

If the element is present or disappears, it won’t wait 30 seconds - it moves on with the execution.
Could you give that a try and let us know if it works out for you?

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K


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