Alter If Disabled Property Issue

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I have updated the dependencies to a newer version in Studio and it, of course, updated the Click activity, adding a new property called Alterifdisabled. Now I want to downgrade the dependencies back to the stable version, all the Click activities are having errors now because of the Alterifdisabled property not being found in the stable dependency. Anyone can advise on this besides updating it back to the newer version that supports this property?

It depends on the errors. If the errors are related to the activities themselves, you’ll need to redefine the Click activities using the previous version. However, if the errors are occurring because the process is clicking on disabled UI elements, you can change the selector to include an attribute which tracks the element’s disabled/enabled status.

The error at the activity is Missing Activity, as though the dependency is not installed.

Unfortunately, this will require recreating the click activities in the older version.

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