AlphaNumeric in Excel Column

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In Excel i have the column name called as “Unit”. In that column i have multiple row values like as “A0123456789” & “0123456789"combined with alpha Numeric and numeric value. If the value is Numeric i want add the letter like as “0123456789:AA”, if it,s alpha Numeric need add letters " A0123456789:BB” for entire column.

Also in the same excel i have Date column with format of “dd/mm/yyyy”. I want to convert it to “” for entire column. Kindly advise how can i do it.

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Hi @BaskaranVenkatesan

Have you already tried it. you just need to format the datetime and use concatenation in the unit thats all.

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Hello @BaskaranVenkatesan
you can do both the problems using linq
use an Assign Activity and assign this code in an Assign Activity

(from r In DT.AsEnumerable() Let x= if((System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.IsMatch((cstr(r("Unit"))),"[a-zA-Z]\d+")),(cstr(r("Unit"))+":BB"),(cstr(r("Unit")))+":AA" ) Let y= System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(cstr(r.Item("Date")),"\/",".") select DT.Clone.Rows.Add(y.ToString,x.ToString)).copytodatatable

Check this workflow for better understanding
linqUnit n (13.5 KB)


Hi Vicky,

Thanks for your response. I’ll check and get back if have any concern.