Allow user to retry

I have a process that requires user input at various stages, one input gives the user the option to “retry”, as in, go back to a specific point in the process and run again.

I’m not sure of the best way to approach this? I’ve created separate workflows, and when the user clicks “yes” to retry, it just invokes the process again, is this the recommended way?

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We can use input dialog box activity for this scenario buddy…with which we can get the input from the user and store it to a variable of type string and name it as user_input
Then you can validate that with a if condition like
Kindly have a look at this buddy


Hi @Palaniyappan
Yes, that’s what I am already using. My question is about the best way to restart the process, from a certain point. So, if user clicks “Retry”, the workflow will “Go To” a particular step - is this possible?

yes that’s what buddy at any point when we get the input from the user, and set a if condition next to that like this
and if user gives us “Retry” then it will go to THEN part of if condition where you have the whole sequence from the beginning to the end or it will go to ELSE part of if condition where you can mention any activity if user does not give input as “Retry”
and if you are already using that method, thats a good and reliable one buddy @Taylor
Cheers @Taylor

Have you thought about having a central switch that prompts users for “retry” with another condition?


“Retry - scope 1” will send them to the start.

Have your automation loop back to the switch, and you can ‘send’ your users wherever you like in the automation.

I was thinking about using a Retry Scope, but couldn’t really get it to work with my case.

Maybe, but if you’re wanting them to go to different points in the automation rather then one same point every time i think a switch could work. how, i am not sure - running an input box parallel maybe?