Allow breakpoints in c#

When writing c# in an Invoke code block
I want to debug some code by inserting System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break();
So the debugger stops at a given line and I can inspect a variable
But the debugger ignores this line.

differnt debugger, different breakpoints.
The UiPath debugger listens only to it’s own breakpoints on an activity level.

Executing code is considered 1 activity. UiPath won’t let you split the atom :slight_smile:

Feels more like UiPath won’t let me split the LEGO house :wink:
Can’t define methods or classes either…

Well you can write your own namespaces and import these if you wish…
Though if you operate at that level you’re not really using UiPath as a core of your automation anymore. You might as well go 100% c#…

Is that an option though?
I still need the the UiPath Core methods, and those are not well documented. Only the graphical programming. Though I can inspect the methods with intellisense, they are difficult to program for. I also tried to decompile the dlls to see the code, but that was too hard for me.

Well part of it will be part of the intelectual property of UiPath I suppose. It’s not exactly open source software of course. Even trying to decompile their DLL’s… it’s not considered to be legal in all parts of the world as far as I know.

In the end, the whole UiPath engine is set up for usage in their own software packages.

It was strictly for learning purposes of course :wink:
The graphical programming is such a block for effective development.
Documentation for something like this would be very nice

Thanks for the discussion above. I saved it for our team to consider.

This doesn’t mean that we will jump into developing it, but we will look into it (given that it is not the first time this was requested).