Allow adding custom field to queue template of SalesForce Connector that will as a reference field

Allow adding custom field in queue template that can act as a reference field.

Reason: One might require data in queue from various SF objects. Currently queue template can only be associated with single SF Object.

So a custom reference field can help merge different queue items thereby merging data from different SF objects.

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I think you can add it as a Item information

  1. Next to the ItemInformation field, click the Browse browse|autoxautobrowse|autoxauto button. The ItemInformation window is displayed, that enables you to add data to each created queue item.




The value of the string arguments added in the ItemInformation window cannot contain the following characters: [ and " " .

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Thanks @Palaniyappan ,

My question is regarding the queue templates used in Salesforce Connector and not the queue item activity.

Queue templates in Salesforce connector can help one directly add queue items to orchestrator containing related SF fields. You can read more about it here-About