"Allow access to outlook info pop up"

I want to handle the “Allow access to outlook info pop up”. I want to automate the ‘Allow’ button click. But for that i can use indicate on screen option because the pop up appears only for the first time.
how to recreate the popup to capture on screen?

Use the element exist activity to check the popup is there or not. If exist then use click activity on Allow button.

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@Venugopal24 Thanks for your reply.
The element exist activity would require to indicate on screen, in my case the element is the access permission pop up. Here I am not getting the pop up itself to indicate on screen, because the access permission is required for the first time use which has been granted on local. How to make the pop up reappear. I deleted the UIpath trust certificate but didn’t get the pop up still.

Please provide the screenshot for further understanding
If you want to block or reappear the popup., my suggestion is to communicate with your related support team

Thanks for Responding @Venugopal24 . Turns out this can be configured in Outlook. But since its a office laptop, they wont give us the permission to do so.
Thanks once again.