Allocate Dynamically

I have an issue where I have this automation that could run for 5 minutes or 5 hours depending on the case load. It can only have 1 active login session that it will perform the request in its entirety. I have this automation triggered to run Dynamically every hour. My issue is if the automation is running longer than an hour, Orchestrator will trigger another instance to run on whatever Bot is currently available. I am using a custom Cron to determine the trigger schedule and I have only 1 trigger created for this package/automation. Is it this custom trigger that is causing multiple instances of the automation running?

In the trigger you have to make sure to set it to only run one instance of the job at a time.

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The trigger is already set to only execute once. But if that automation is running on Bot1 at 10:00 if it is triggered to run at 11:00 if Bot2 is not in use, then Orchestrator will trigger that same process now to run on Bot2, while it is still running on Bot1. My automation does not screw up since I have added advance handling to address 2 runs simultaneously but why is this happening?