All test Cases cancelled after approx. 60 cases run ok


We have a problem that we are not able to solve ourselves.
When running a large number og test cases, after a while, all test cases are set to cancelled in the same second.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks under test-executions:

After 59 runs (from 01.11.22, 10:04:19 pm - 02.11.22 kl.10:04:19 pm, the 60th execution is cancelled seemingly without an error:
All remaining test cases are then cancelled within the same second 02.11.22, 10:16:13 pm. These are all cancelled without being assigned a robot, as can be seen by the first screenshot.

we have our domain and username in the set up of the robot

Any help is much appreciated!

Rikke Mohn

Hello @3-rimo

Is this happening always or frequently? Can you select a few of the cancelled test cases and execute that only and see whether test cases are executing if the total number of test cases are less?



This is happening consistently, but the number of cases it executes before cancellations varies slightly. Always between 50 and 70.
If we select less than 50 test-cases it executes fine.
Re-executing the cancelled iflows are not possible as they are not in a final state.

We have checked memory and CPU logs for both the server where the test cases are running, and for the orchestrator, and none of them are on maximum capacity in the relevant time frame.

Rikke Mohn

@loginerror Could you please provide your suggestion here?

Hi @3-rimo

If you are on an Enterprise license, I would certainly bring it up with our technical support who could have a closer look:

Hello @loginerror,

I have now registered a case with the technical support.

Rikke Mohn

Hi there,

I am facing a similar error, where the test case execution stopped after reaching the milestone of exact 12 hours. Were you able to resolve this issue or what did the UiPath support team suggested in the response ?

Thank you!

No we created a support case, but they were not able to give us a reason or a solution. We ended up forcing our test runs to be under 12 hours