All selectors are not available

Hi, I am capturing a text from the box, I almost all the activity but in all activity I didn’t get the complete text which I am captruing, I got the same selectors from all activity. Like Get Text, Get Full Text, Element Exist. Did you face this issue. I am getting only two selectors ?
First time I am seeing this issue with the selectors…

@Lahiru.Fernando @Palaniyappan @lakshman

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Hi @balkishan

Try this

1 use click image, n select “Member” in the confirmation box.
2 send double click activity. (this will select the text Result is …confirmation ID) add delay 2 sec.
3 send hot key ctr + A
4 send delay 2 sec
5 use activity copy selected text (output confirmation_ID)
6 assign - confirmation_ID.Remove(0,41) = confirmation_ID.Remove(0,41)

Ashwin S


Use CV Get Text activity to read text from this kind of pop-up’s. You need to install Computer Vision package for this.

Simply did we try with SCREEN SCRAPPING
And then to ensure we get only the text we want we can use REGEX METHOD or SPLIT method

Cheers @balkishan