All projects deleted

Hi Team,
I recently activated UIpath studio again and all my previous projects are not available. All i see is the new set up as a fresher…none of them are now there.
Anything i can do to get back to the previous UiPath stuido as it contained data :frowning:

i did not deactivated it just installed it again and provided my email (already recognized) to activate :frowning:


I guess you deleted previous project folder.

I did not delete anything. Just that I activated uipath studio once again providing my existing id only. There’s no project available now! :frowning:

hi @new_user
it generally not happen but i think you have deleted the previous project folder

if i download the community edition again…does that mean i have lost access to previous tests? :’(

there is nothing to do with the Id , projects are only available on the local machine . just check your system throughly once again like in documents folder

no, not at all

can I retrieve that data?

as such there is no way because it is related to your local system . I suggest you to check your system once again for the project folder.

can’t see in my local too. I had so many processes. It is now all blank (as below)

@new_user no not possible

what should i be doing?

Try to run “%ProgramData%” and go to UiPath folder and check for NugetPackages, if there are packages then extract workflows from there…

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hmm, this is really strange, how that would get deleted when just activating again the uipath, unless you have all the folder and projects in the uipath nuget folder where all the studio feed gets stored, i.e., in C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages that too we should have published the projects that was done previously, else the only way to get this done may be with a last and final check, make a search in all your drives and stock it, if its available its fine, else…
Lets see hope for the best
your efforts wont get wasted buddy
kindly try and let know for any queries or clarification, Lets try our best
Cheers @new_user

i did not publish all my test cases

hello everyone! just a follow up…i got my files :slight_smile: thanks for all those who helped~ @Palaniyappan @sankar.kuna @Rishi1 @lakshman


Cheers @new_user

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