All icons disappears when running artefact from Orchestrator

Hello, when running the artefact from Orchestrator, all the icons from desktop disappear. When running directly on VDI, all is OK. Do you have such as experience? What can be the solution please?

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Hi @Majo

Could you explain a bit more?

Do you mean that running a process from Orchestrator makes so that the icons on Desktop become hidden? :thinking:

What is the process doing?

Hello Maciej,

yes, everything from Desktop disappears and there is literaly nothing, empty screen only. I only have to restart the VDI to get it back. But when running it from VDI directly, all is ok…

The process is loging to our internal web tool, filtering some data and makes categorization based on some conditions.

Could you provide a bit more data on your version of Orchestrator/Robot/Studio as well as used activity packages?

Also, could you reproduce the issue and then (instead of restarting the machine right away) check if the explorer.exe process is still running?

You could also try to browse the Windows Event Viewer for clues on what has happened.

Hello Maciej, thank you for your answer.

We use both Orchestrator and Studio v2018.4.5. Activity packages is 18.3.6897.22543.

After icons disappear, explorer.exe is not running anymore. This happens after this popup appears.


Hi @Majo

It might be an issue specific to your environment. Would you mind contacting our technical support here:

They would be able to have a closer look and offer you direct guidance.

Thank you.

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