All Favorites not loading from Favorites.xml

Perhaps there’s a limitation in the latest software but I typically have several favorites saved in a licensed version of Studio (19.4.4) that I wanted to have access to whenever I use the Community Edition. I saved a copy of the favorites.xml file from %localappdata% of my dev machine and copied it to my personal machine but, unfortunately, it would appear that the CE version doesn’t bring them all in from the xml file. It only displays a subset of the ones in the file and I can’t determine why that is.

I’m wondering if there’s a limit to the number of favorites that can be saved in CE vs a Licensed Studio install? I’m at a loss to the reason why this is happening and there really isn’t much out there speaking to this issue.

Hi @Stacy.Lindsey

Any chance you could share the files for further investigation? :slight_smile:

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@loginerror, I’ve attached at copy of the favorites.xaml that I used. Thanks for looking into this!

Favorites.xml (2.5 KB)


Hi @Stacy.Lindsey, thank you for the .xml file :slight_smile: , we are investigating the issue.
There is no limit to the number of favorite activities than can be saved in CE versus Studio Enterprise.
However, there are some activity ClassName differences between 19.4.4 and newer CE Studio version, and this may be the issue you are facing particularly because you have copied the file manually versus upgrading Studio. (you are only seeing the ones that have not changed over time :slight_smile: ).
In order to have the full Favorites functionality, our suggestion is to use the Reset Settings button on the new CE Studio, and then add your favorite activities back in Studio.
Hope this helps!

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So after a bit of digging around, unfortunately this is not a supported case on our side. Upgrading from previous Studio versions (such as 19.4.4) to newer ones successfully keep the Favorites activities in the Activities Panel. We will however add an improvement request in our internal tool to maybe handle this in the future. Thank you for your contribution! :slight_smile:

Hi and thanks for your response! I did try your suggestion before reporting this, ie creating the same favorites in CE, but that didn’t appear to work either when I copied the xaml to a licensed but more recent version of studio. The xml in the xaml doesn’t appear to be different so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work between versions.

Anyway, it would be very helpful, from a development perspective in a consulting capacity, to be able to maintain your development environment when you have to use different versions of Studio based upon your client’s environment. It’s just a preference, I know, but it’s frustrating to have to recreate your favorites in instances such as this.