All apps throw error "User Name or Password is incorrect" all of a sudden

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up until yesterday, both of my apps I built for my company so far worked splendidly. Yesterday, I modified one of the two slightly (adding a single process step to the automation started by the app), and all of a sudden, both apps throw a “User Name or Password is incorrect” Error and refuse to work.
We use Azure, but all passwords and usernames (domains included) are as correct as the day before - nothing changed there. The apps and automations referenced in them don’t use any other third party software - they’re mostly just there to push values into queues (because I’m too daft to write a json to directly include queues into my apps…).

Did someone encounter this error, and if so, how do I get around it? :-/

Picture of the errormessage:

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J. Kruschel

Oh right - I maybe should also mention that I changed everything back the way it was before, and it’s still throwing that “username or passwort is incorrect” Error.

@Jannis_Kruschel ,

Are you able t debug the process manually and after debugging are you getting result?

First try solving the process into UI Path studio and once that run successfully then try from orchestrator and then run into Apps.


Hi there Arvind,

debugging goes through without errors. BUT it gives the error if I start it from the Orchestrator.

All my other automations run fine on the same Azure Server, though - so I still don’t know what could be going wrong here :frowning: All of the processes run on the same robot (one after the other) - the other automations run, but the ones designed for the apps crash with that “password or username incorrect” error :frowning:

@Jannis_Kruschel ,

As I see your process have multiple host identity to run the process. Please delete a faulty host identity and try to run.

Test it from UI Path Apps.


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To clarify: I had a second Robot-User stored away from some time in the past for test purposes.

Apps apparently selected the first Robot in the list, which was not my standard robot user with all the login data needed to work with Azure. So the solution was to delete that second robot. Everything’s working fine now - thanks, Arvind :smiley:

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