All activities with a selector not work(may be caused by Robot License Status:3 )

I developed my robot by a trial license in UiPath studio,
and now want to run it in UiPath Robot by a robot license.
When I activated the robot license,all seem fine,no error,no other happenings…
Then I found all the activities with a selector not work.
Like : ・Click
・Attach Browser
・set text
・Type Into etc…
not work in that UiPath Robot.
error message:SelectorNotFound
And I tried it in another robot license computer,
turns out works fine.

The difference between the two computer is,
-the one works fine:
License Status:1(get by Regtil.exe get-info)
-the one not work:
License Status:3(get by Regtil.exe get-info)
※License Status
3・・・Concurrent License Activated
Except that,i didn’t find any difference.
So I wonder there is some thing wrong with the license.

Is there anybody met the same problem like that?
How can I change Licence status from 3 to 1…