Alignment Justify is not working in outlook email body

Hello Folks,

I am trying to send an email in HTML format to outlook from SMTP Mail Message activity. Even i use

in the body of the email while sending its not affecting the email body which i receive in outlook. Can any one suggest me on this please

Hello @ushu,

Have you checked the following property , in the properties panel of the Send SMTP Mail Message activity ?


Hope that helps ! Kudos :slight_smile:


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Hey @ushu

Outlook does not fully support HTML tags.
Here is the link Non supported Outlook Tags

Hope this helps. This also depend on outlook version you are using.
This list helps you understand some supported tags.
Supported tags
There is discrepancy in both list due to different version of outlook.

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Thanks for your response. Yes i enabled that property

Thanks Lakshay. Will look into that

Just a quick solution which worked for me, I used a hero text and inline css.
Please take a reference from here.

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If possible can you share your code snippet please

Well, I have to regenerate that, the one i have created is for client and could not shared :smiley:

No wrorries. Thank you

Could you please suggest what did you use in the inline CSS

Use table without borders and align it’s text with left right or center

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