Aligning Text

Hi Team,

I have a text which appears like below and i have to arrange it properly.



Result should be like - SRu1f
Explanation : Index of S is 1 but is in second row ,mindexR is 2 but is in first row like wise index of u is 3 but in second row , index of 1 is 4 is in first row and f index is 5 is in second row . lastly we need to combine all the index properly in order such that the result appear as SRu1f

Other example:

Can this be done??


@md.ahtesham As there is no same pattern emerging in the 3 examples you provided , I guess it is not Possible to Perform an Automation for it. Also how are he Data Stored?

@supermanPunch thank you for looking into it.

Actually there is a pattern, and the patter is like if from first row if index 1 is blank then for sure in second row alphabet will be present.
Similarly if alphabet is on index two in second row then index 2 of first row must be blank.

So the idea is if move the alphabet which are at different index position to align them is sequence according to index position.

Now , if you think of any clue please let me know. Hope I am able to explain.

Right now I am extracting data from web and I can store it at any place ( text , excel or anything)


@md.ahtesham in that case, Can you provide the camp with those inputs present in the way ou need it to be, We’ll try to find a Solution for it