Alerts(Raise Alert) 2018.1

Is there more documentation available on the Alerts(Raise Alert) activity coming up in 2018.1?

Here is one case I can think of:
If one Bot encounters a specific condition (business exception or a programming condition), it raises an alert to Orchestrator.
Based on the alert I would like rest of the Robots in the same environment, or specific Robots to Stop as well. (One use case would be: one Robot identified some security breach, and we need to ensure other Robots also halt and contain the damage.)

If this is not possible through Orchestrator (which seems an elegant way to do), I may have to have the Bot encountering the condition, first get all other Robots in the environment it is running in (hopefully there is an API), and issue Stop Job directly on all of them. But I think it would be better to let Orchestrator do that directly.