Alert Only Role Not Receiving Uipath Error Emails


I am having this issue with an Alert only role not receiving any Uipath error Alerts but they are able to receive Alert Dashboard Emails.However, The alert only user is able to get the Uipath error Alerts if any other permission like Robot is given to it.

The particular User is already provided with view Permission. This was working fine with the earlier version and we recently migrated the orchestrator to latest version and we started facing the issue.

*Previous Orchestrator Version: 2017.1.6547 *
Current Orchestrator Version : 2018.4.4

All users that have an e-mail address configured in the Users page and an assigned role that grants them View permissions on the Alerts page receive email alerts every time a Fatal or Error alert is encountered, and a daily detailed report of all alerts.

There is no Issue with Email Configuration . The Alert dashboard emails are being received by the alert only user.

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Hi @vishnuvarthanp

Would you be willing to create a ticket with our technical support?
It looks like a specific issue and they might have more in-depth info about it.

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Hi ,
Thanks a lot
We have created a support request for the team

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