Ajuda! preciso saber valores e diferença dos planos do Uipath

Guys, can you help me, I need to know what versions of uipath exist, what differs from each other and the values, I didn’t find it on the site

Hi @Camilo_Cardoso,

You can follow the version and notes via the link.


I need to know values ​​of each version, and models enterprise and studio types

You can model which license will be purchased first and then how many resources will be needed for the infrastructure.

The versions you will use may be the last stable version.

thank you very much, it helped a lot, you have an idea of ​​the values ​​of the interprise

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You’re welcome. Are you talking about prices?

yes, I want to show the directors the differences between community and enterprise, what differs from one to the other, and the values. because we will use many robots, but I don’t find documentation that shows this type of comparison on the Uipath website.

I am also sharing the link for this. However, these are list prices. Uipath generally provides its consultancy services through its partners, and because there is competition, the discount rates are high.

You can get a discount according to the number and year of license you have purchased, so you can contact the sales team and request a price for the model you have.

Uipath is really good at this, they can share you details so you can better present to management.

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