Aie Aie Aie web page display error

I have prepared a robot that extracts web data that contains several steps, sometimes at the nth step (that I do not know), chrome displays a web page loading error aie aie aie
I thought of adding “on element appear” and if once this error occurs I restart the robot except that the problem I do not know at what stage

My question, is it possible to uipath to manage on element appear after each activity

@khissal_AHMED yes you can use element exist for every element but for that you also need an if condition for all activities to check element is present or not.

Instead of element exist I have a suggestion use “on appear element” for every activity and use activity inside on appear element container. So in this you don’t need if statement to check it is present or not

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Hello @khissal_AHMED

In this case better to go with Reframework. It can handle both business and system exceptions.

You can modify based on your requirement.


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Thank you for your interaction , I will try with " on element appear"