AI process understanding


In one of your key features, you’ve said on the website, that you have process understanding. How can I try it out? Mostly to check if there are new tasks/processes easy to automate.


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Hi @deelucky,first of all welcome to our community!

You can see more details inside academy doing the course below:


and checking the link below:

Let me know if it helped you! Case yes, just mark this topic as solved.

~Diego Turati


Hi @DiegoTurati

Thanks for your help, although when I’ve asked about process understanding, I was thinking that you have some kind of tool to record a person and try to recognize processes which are easy to automate. Is there anything like this in UiPath?

On your website there’s this feature:

Process Understanding

Observe user behavior to automatically discover and learn common tasks and processes. Prioritize automation opportunities of identified processes based on expected ROI. Auto-generate Robot configurations based on as-is design and with efficiency improvements.

I’ve wanted to use that :slight_smile: