AI Fabric- Using Pipeline

while using pipeline in AI Fabric, what is the role of parameters and how to use them?

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Please check out the documentation:

As well as this topic might be useful for you:

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@Pablito I am also posting my questions related to AI Fabrics. I am really facing issue of slowness. Even for the data that has only 50 rows. ML package in the pipeline took 111m. Sometimes the package got failed also. moreover the ML Logs are not providing enough information of failing the package.

Kindly also provide my answers as well related to AIFabrics.

Are you able to provide some screenshots of such issue? I something fails you should have any error which you could share.

…any updates?

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Behind are deep learning architectures running for multiple number of epochs on CPU. This is the expected time to run - pipeline can take between 1 hr and 7 days while ran on CPU. This is the time spent for the model to get trained, to learn from the data.

If you want faster processing, we recommend attaching GPU to the pipelines. GPU provides 5-10x faster processing. You can get a GPU by purchasing an AI Robot Pro licenses on Cloud.

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