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I am new to AI Fabric
My question is, I would like to check if it is stamped with this AI Fabric and if I can bring the date inside the stamp.
Although the stamp position is similar, it may change little by little.

We would appreciate it if you let us know the recommended package if that feature is available.


Could you elaborate more and give an example of what you need?

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I would like to use DocumentUnderstanding to check if the invoice was stamped and get the date in the stamp.

The stamp position is always different

It’s not going to be easy, and maybe there will be a lot of errors.

First of all, you will need lots of cases, which means you will need at least 1000 documents stamped and not stamped so that the computer can learn the pattern and identify the stamps on it’s own.

Please refer to the tutorials below on how to do it:

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