AI Fabric ML Skill - MLService prediction call Failed

I have been struggling through the AI Fabric documentation trying to implement the out-of-the-box invoices ML Skill. There does not seem to be specific instructions or any examples available.

I was able to sign up for the Enterprise Trial, get set up with the AI Fabric service and start a workflow, but I am getting the following error when trying to run the Machine Learning Extractor with the ML Skill instead of the normal endpoint:

Data Extraction Scope: Invalid response: content=OcrEndpointNotDefined: Please define a ocr.method and ocr.url code=InternalServerError trace_id=dda4f5e7-8b93-4a68-91d7-b762b843oho4

Here is the activity that is causing the error:


Here is the error in the ML Logs:




ML Package


Created time

2020-07-21 12:19 pm



MLService prediction call Failed

{ “code”: “InternalServerError”, “message”: “OcrEndpointNotDefined: Please define a ocr.method and ocr.url”, “stacktrace”: " File “/microservice/”, line 28, in predict\n response, telemetry = service_internal.predict(context)\n File “/microservice/extraction/model_tag/”, line 282, in predict\n image_blob, ocr_output, angle, ocr_telemetry = ocr.do_ocr(opt, image_blob=image_blob)\n File “/microservice/extraction/ocr/”, line 174, in do_ocr\n raise Exception(‘OcrEndpointNotDefined: Please define a ocr.method and ocr.url’)\nException: OcrEndpointNotDefined: Please define a ocr.method and ocr.url", “trace_id”: “b7878bd4-7877-4220-a4dd-30d34g56434738” }

Could someone help me with this?

This turned out to be a setting on the machine learning extractor:


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